Breaking news, the Bahamas Automobile Training College now offers year round training six days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Welcome to Bahamas Automobile Training College. Our mission is to train tomorrow’s professional technicians and fill the need for more qualified technicians. We provide complete and total training from entry level to the advanced level, so please have a good time browsing our website and become a student, we will train you to be successful.

Looking for a good high tech career? Consider a career as an automotive technician!
Professional technicians can earn $40,000.00 or more a year! Technicians are in demand all across the nation! Unlimited opportunities working with advanced computerized control systems with the latest diagnostic equipment! Become an automobile technician. You are different. From early on, you followed a different path. You enjoyed seeing how things work, tinkering, doing things with your hands and solving problems. Because your artistic side has often driven you to be creative, you like working with your hands; you’ve always had a flair and interest in form and color. And you have a love for cars. But can you tie all these things together? Follow your dreams and make a living. Face it, you love trucks, all kinds, especially the big rigs! From early on, you had an interest in their sound, their power, their speed and the beauty of all that chrome. Let’s face it, you have got lots of interests. You like computers, math, science and you like to talk to people and help them solve their problems.
Love autos!

You will learn:

  • Auto Air conditioning Diagnosis and Repair
  • Automobile Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Basic Electronics
  • Brakes Systems Repair
  • Diagnostics with Oscilloscope, Labscope and Five Gas analyzer.
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Front End Repair and Wheel Alignment
  • Gearbox Rebuilding
  • Ignition Systems
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Computer Systems (engine performance)
  • Transmission Rebuilding

We are located at #38 Acklins street at the intersection of Cordeaux Avenue, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas


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